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Hack the Craft is a program designed for novelists and storytellers who are looking to shortcut their way to cleaner, stronger, better writing.

These modules are the brainchild of Taylor Stevens, an award-winning and New York Times bestselling novelist who—by odds and expectations—should never have become either successful or published.

Like many aspiring authors Stevens had no credentials or platform, and no direct route into the publishing world. But, unlike most, she was also limited by a life of cultural isolation and a sixth-grade education.

Born into an apocalyptic cult and raised in communes across the globe, Stevens grew up as a child laborer, cooking and cleaning for up to a hundred at a time, caring for younger commune children, or out on the streets begging on behalf of commune leaders. Books, movies, music, and pop-culture from the outside world were strictly forbidden, and she finally gained unlimited access to fiction after returning to the United States in her early thirties.

Tackling the creative writing process from such a restricted foundation was often a frustrating experience, especially when the best advice said that to write well, one must read a lot and write a lot. Having already lost three decades, Stevens didn’t have that luxury of time.

For her, hacking the craft became a matter of necessity.

These Hack the Craft modules are built upon the same tips, tricks, patterns and observations Stevens used to simplify erudite advice, cut through verbose clutter, and make spotting and fixing word-craft issues a straightforward process as she wrote her way to what would become a critically acclaimed, bestselling series.

Her books have since been published in over twenty languages, with The Informationist optioned for film by James Cameron’s production company, Lightstorm Entertainment.

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