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Episode Airdate Title Audio Duration Actions
TSS383 2023-05-16 A Show Update (and a Gosling story) TSS383.mp3 25:41 Segments
TSS382 2023-05-09 How are authors using email newsletters? TSS382.mp3 45:29 Segments
TSS381 2023-05-02 Storytelling Lessons From The Screen TSS381.mp3 36:20 Segments
TSS380 2023-04-25 The Paradox of Predictability TSS380.mp3 27:57 Segments
TSS379 2023-04-18 A Discussion of the International Thriller Writers AI Author Survey TSS379.mp3 48:55 Segments
TSS378 2023-04-11 Fully formed characters, the importance of theme, and more TSS378.mp3 30:10 Segments
TSS377 2023-04-04 An Exploration of Character Expectations TSS377.mp3 28:26 Segments
TSS376 2023-03-28 Setting Aside Projects, Processing Story Ideas, and More TSS376.mp3 28:12 Segments
TSS375 2023-03-21 Fan Fiction, Constructive Criticism, and More TSS375.mp3 27:57 Segments
TSS374 2023-03-14 Thoughts on Dialogue TSS374.mp3 26:39 Segments
TSS373 2023-03-07 More on Book and Series Bibles TSS373.mp3 22:47 Segments
TSS372 2023-02-28 AI Voice Technology and a Personal Update from Taylor TSS372.mp3 31:09 Segments
TSS371 2023-02-21 Getting your entire character onto the page TSS371.mp3 20:08 Segments
TSS370 2023-02-14 Do you keep a series bible? TSS370.mp3 25:58 Segments
TSS369 2023-02-07 What is Suspense? TSS369.mp3 38:48 Segments
TSS368 2023-01-31 Make Your Character Description Count TSS368.mp3 38:50 Segments
TSS367 2023-01-24 Chapters, Scenes, and In-Betweens TSS367.mp3 43:14 Segments
TSS366 2023-01-10 An update and an example of a writer using ChatGPT TSS366.mp3 03:56 Segments
TSS365 2023-01-03 What One Thing Do We Want to Accomplish in 2023? TSS365.mp3 19:10 Segments
TSS364 2022-12-27 What Should Authors Know About The New Artificial Intelligence Tools? TSS364.mp3 36:03 Segments
TSS363 2022-12-13 Taylor Responds to a Listener Question on Omniscient Narrators TSS363.mp3 29:25 Segments
TSS362 2022-11-29 An in-depth discussion of genre with John Truby TSS362.mp3 1:06:27 Segments
TSS361 2022-11-22 Storytelling Lessons from the Screen and … TSS361.mp3 33:02 Segments
TSS360 2022-11-15 It's All About Balance TSS360.mp3 26:58 Segments
TSS359 2022-11-08 Taylor Responds to Listener Feedback TSS359.mp3 38:27 Segments
TSS358 2022-11-01 Opening Lines and Paragraphs TSS358.mp3 45:31 Segments
TSS357 2022-10-25 The Importance of Character Agency TSS357.mp3 28:20 Segments
TSS356 2022-10-18 Taylor Talks Writing Process TSS356.mp3 31:36 Segments
TSS355 2022-10-11 What Can Comedians Teach Novelists about Closing Story Loops? TSS355.mp3 23:27 Segments
TSS354 2022-10-04 Including Current Events in Novels TSS354.mp3 30:35 Segments
TSS353 2022-09-27 Write What You Know? TSS353.mp3 24:16 Segments
TSS352 2022-09-20 Take Aways from Bouchercon 2022 TSS352.mp3 43:23 Segments
TSS351 2022-09-13 Establishing Story Reality TSS351.mp3 29:34 Segments
TSS350 2022-09-06 Narration vs Internal Dialogue TSS350.mp3 35:53 Segments
TSS349 2022-08-30 Storytelling Observations from the Screen TSS349.mp3 34:35 Segments
TSS348 2022-08-23 A Primer on Prologues TSS348.mp3 29:50 Segments
TSS347 2022-08-16 How to Find, Fix, and Write Your Way Around Plot Holes (Part 4 of 4) TSS347.mp3 34:14 Segments
TSS346 2022-08-09 How to Find, Fix, and Write Your Way Around Plot Holes (Part 3 of 4) TSS346.mp3 25:53 Segments
TSS345 2022-08-02 How to Find, Fix, and Write Your Way Around Plot Holes (Part 2 of 4) TSS345.mp3 31:13 Segments
TSS344 2022-07-26 How to Find, Fix, and Write Your Way Around Plot Holes (Part 1 of 4) TSS344.mp3 38:27 Segments
TSST02 2022-07-21 Taylor and Steve Short Takes Episode Two TSST02.mp3 08:54 Segments
TSS343 2022-07-19 Taylor on Storytelling TSS343.mp3 34:35 Segments
TSS342 2022-07-12 To Vague or Not to Vague TSS342.mp3 26:17 Segments
TSS341 2022-07-05 Character Description That Goes Above and Beyond TSS341.mp3 26:34 Segments
TSS340 2022-06-28 Mental Movies and Reading Comprehension TSS340.mp3 43:11 Segments
TSS339 2022-06-21 The Philosophy of Story (Part 2 of 2) TSS339.mp3 31:47 Segments
TSS338 2022-06-14 The Philosophy of Story (Part 1 of 2) TSS338.mp3 29:43 Segments
TSS337 2022-06-07 Character Inconsistency TSS337.mp3 55:56 Segments
TSS336 2022-05-31 A Short Taylor Tale TSS336.mp3 27:07 Segments
TSS335 2022-05-24 Linking Ideas and More on Effective Communication TSS335.mp3 31:32 Segments
TSS334 2022-05-17 The Seed of Effective Communication TSS334.mp3 40:57 Segments
TSS333 2022-05-10 A Collaboration Discussion TSS333.mp3 26:44 Segments
TSS332 2022-05-03 Storytelling Lessons from Marvel TSS332.mp3 32:55 Segments
TSS331 2022-04-26 Character Conflict is Critical to Story Structure TSS331.mp3 35:14 Segments
TSS330 2022-04-19 The Danger of Taking Storytelling Shortcuts TSS330.mp3 31:40 Segments
TSS329 2022-04-12 Storytelling Lessons from the Movies TSS329.mp3 24:01 Segments
TSS328 2022-04-05 What are feeling words and why should we avoid them? TSS328.mp3 32:38 Segments
TSS327 2022-03-29 Choosing your point of view TSS327.mp3 30:19 Segments
TSS326 2022-03-22 Making similar characters sound different through dialogue TSS326.mp3 33:09 Segments
TSS325 2022-03-15 When Watching a Movie is Like Reading a Book TSS325.mp3 41:33 Segments
TSS324 2022-03-08 Can the setting become a character in your story or series? (Part Deux) TSS324.mp3 22:39 Segments
TSS323 2022-03-01 Cut to the Chase! TSS323.mp3 23:44 Segments
TSST01 2022-02-26 Taylor and Steve Short Takes Episode One TSST01.mp3 08:09 Segments
TSS322 2022-02-22 Can the setting become a character in your story or series? TSS322.mp3 39:09 Segments
TSS321 2022-02-15 Exploring the Mechanics of Story While Watching Television TSS321.mp3 37:37 Segments
TSS320 2022-02-08 Flashbacks and other Story Elements, A Hack the Craft Episode (5 of 5) TSS320.mp3 57:21 Segments
TSS319 2022-02-01 Flashbacks and other Story Elements, A Hack the Craft Episode (4 of 5) TSS319.mp3 51:10 Segments
TSS318 2022-01-25 What are the Stakes and Why Do They Matter? A Hack the Craft Episode (3 of 5) TSS318.mp3 50:54 Segments
TSS317 2022-01-18 Flashbacks and other Story Elements, A Hack the Craft Episode (2 of 5) TSS317.mp3 36:19 Segments
TSS316 2022-01-11 Flashbacks and other Story Elements, A Hack the Craft Episode (1 of 5) TSS316.mp3 30:14 Segments
TSS315 2021-12-28 Why are So Many Bad Reviews Showing at the Top on Amazon? TSS315.mp3 30:14 Segments
TSS314 2021-12-14 Evaluating Scenes for Plot, Character, and Conflict TSS314.mp3 39:08 Segments
TSS313 2021-12-07 Taylor Responds to Listener Questions TSS313.mp3 35:08 Segments
TSS312 2021-11-30 Do Writing Rules Change? TSS312.mp3 33:01 Segments
TSS311 2021-11-23 Culture and the Context of Specific Words TSS311.mp3 31:50 Segments
TSS310 2021-11-16 Using Similes and Metaphors TSS310.mp3 33:15 Segments
TSS309 2021-11-09 Taylor Discusses Description, Character, and Plot TSS309.mp3 27:52 Segments
TSS308 2021-11-02 Taylor Discusses Scene Purpose and Storytelling TSS308.mp3 30:01 Segments
TSS307 2021-10-26 Solving Scene Problems TSS307.mp3 30:49 Segments
TSS208 2021-10-21 What's the Why For Your Writing? TSS208.mp3 32:52 Segments
TSS306 2021-10-19 Fixing a Broken Story TSS306.mp3 26:27 Segments
TSS305 2021-10-12 Keeping Track of the Details TSS305.mp3 38:41 Segments
TSS304 2021-10-05 When Less is More TSS304.mp3 27:49 Segments
TSS303 2021-09-28 Writing in Layers TSS303.mp3 32:27 Segments
TSS302 2021-09-21 Determining When to Enter and Exit Scenes TSS302.mp3 32:59 Segments
TSS301 2021-09-14 How to Build a Believable Villain from Scratch TSS301.mp3 44:31 Segments
TSS300 2021-09-07 Can you believe this is our 300th episode? TSS300.mp3 33:14 Segments
TSS299 2021-08-31 Staying out of the weeds when building story ideas TSS299.mp3 38:10 Segments
TSS298 2021-08-24 Returning to the Creative Process TSS298.mp3 34:35 Segments
TSS297 2021-08-17 Managing Misdirection in Mysteries and Other Genres TSS297.mp3 33:52 Segments
TSS296 2021-08-10 More on Translations and a Discussion on POV Characters TSS296.mp3 28:14 Segments
TSS295 2021-08-03 Analyze your Reading and Viewing to Grow your Storytelling Skills TSS295.mp3 35:20 Segments
TSS294 2021-07-27 A Discussion on Foreign Translations TSS294.mp3 34:59 Segments
TSS293 2021-07-20 How to Manage the Story Weight of Red Herrings? TSS293.mp3 33:04 Segments
TSS292 2021-07-13 Q & A from the Inciting Incident in Taylor's Writing Journey TSS292.mp3 53:33 Segments
TSS291 2021-07-06 The Inciting Incident in Taylor's Writing Journey TSS291.mp3 55:13 Segments
TSS290 2021-06-29 What is story weight and why is it important? TSS290.mp3 28:38 Segments
TSS289 2021-06-22 Deepening Dialog through Character Development TSS289.mp3 26:41 Segments
TSS288 2021-06-15 Using Life Experience as Research TSS288.mp3 29:14 Segments
TSS287 2021-06-08 What are Logic Ladders and Why Do You Need to Use Them? TSS287.mp3 36:18 Segments
TSS286 2021-06-01 Taylor Describes Her Current Writing Process TSS286.mp3 30:51 Segments
TSS285 2021-05-25 Adding Emotional Impact with Specific Character Insights TSS285.mp3 29:00 Segments
TSS284 2021-05-18 How to Use Visual Cues as Storytelling Shortcuts TSS284.mp3 34:30 Segments
TSS283 2021-05-11 A Series of Random Insights into Storytelling Part II TSS283.mp3 30:30 Segments
TSS282 2021-05-04 Taylor Reacts to an Online Publishing Dustup TSS282.mp3 44:29 Segments
TSS281 2021-04-27 A Series of Random Insights into Storytelling TSS281.mp3 35:39 Segments
TSS280 2021-04-20 The Importance of Character Voice to your Readers TSS280.mp3 29:42 Segments
TSS279 2021-04-13 Getting the Details Right, the Danger of Assumptions TSS279.mp3 35:17 Segments
TSS278 2021-04-06 The Importance of Making Space for Creativity TSS278.mp3 31:10 Segments
TSS277 2021-03-30 Part Two of the Discussion on Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights TSS277.mp3 44:03 Segments
TSS276 2021-03-23 A Discussion on Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights TSS276.mp3 26:18 Segments
TSS275 2021-03-16 Comparing writing speeds in two different situations TSS275.mp3 26:54 Segments
TSS274 2021-03-09 Moving the Goalposts In Your Story TSS274.mp3 28:54 Segments
TSS273 2021-03-02 Reviewing subplots within your manuscript TSS273.mp3 33:24 Segments
TSS272 2021-02-23 Weather Woes, Farm Stories and More TSS272.mp3 24:35 Segments
TSS271 2021-02-16 How Do You Know How Much Detail and Backstory to Include TSS271.mp3 25:26 Segments
TSS270 2021-02-09 How to Find the Start of a Story or Scene TSS270.mp3 24:44 Segments
TSS269 2021-02-02 Animals in Fiction TSS269.mp3 26:39 Segments
TSS268 2021-01-26 Every Scene Needs a Purpose and Know Your Audience TSS268.mp3 48:26 Segments
TSS267 2021-01-19 Short Story Project - The Story Framework TSS267.mp3 45:49 Segments
TSS266 2021-01-13 The Fear Factor TSS266.mp3 42:13 Segments
TSS265 2021-01-05 The Short Story Project - Part 1 TSS265.mp3 24:39 Segments
TSS264 2020-12-15 The Importance of Covers and Sales Copy for Your Book TSS264.mp3 46:00 Segments
TSS263 2020-12-08 The Curse and Value of Deadlines TSS263.mp3 37:38 Segments
TSS262 2020-12-01 How to Order Book Cover Magnets in 297 Easy Steps TSS262.mp3 22:10 Segments
TSS261 2020-11-24 How is Covid Impacting the Writing Life? TSS261.mp3 26:37 Segments
TSS260 2020-11-17 The Importance of a Satisfying Ending TSS260.mp3 37:03 Segments
TSS259 2020-11-10 Should You Set Up Usage Rules for Character Names? TSS259.mp3 43:04 Segments
TSS258 2020-11-03 Why Theme is Important in our Stories TSS258.mp3 32:00 Segments
TSS257 2020-10-27 Tying Up Loose Ends in your Story TSS257.mp3 40:20 Segments
TSS256 2020-10-20 Avoiding Overused Words and Writing Tics TSS256.mp3 42:36 Segments
TSS255 2020-10-13 The Importance of Avoiding Vagueness In Your Writing TSS255.mp3 36:25 Segments
TSS254 2020-09-29 How to maintain character consistency throughout your story - Part II TSS254.mp3 35:34 Segments
TSS253 2020-09-22 How to maintain character consistency throughout your story TSS253.mp3 28:29 Segments
TSS252 2020-09-15 Getting your characters from here to there TSS252.mp3 44:21 Segments
TSS251 2020-09-08 Taylor Reviews Listener Homework Assignments TSS251.mp3 27:27 Segments
TSS250 2020-09-01 A short episode on problem-solving through inner dialog TSS250.mp3 13:06 Segments
TSS249 2020-08-25 Accidental Amnesia - Why it's a problem and how to avoid it in your writing (Part 2) TSS249.mp3 29:28 Segments
TSS248 2020-08-18 Accidental Amnesia - Why it's a problem and how to avoid it in your writing (Part 1) TSS248.mp3 28:57 Segments
TSS246 2020-08-04 Examples of a Cause and Effect Problems TSS246.mp3 38:11 Segments
TSS245 2020-07-28 Cause and Effect as a Foundational Principle TSS245.mp3 27:49 Segments
TSS244 2020-07-21 How not to write a chapter or scene opening TSS244.mp3 35:30 Segments
TSS243 2020-07-14 Taylor's Review of The Innocent's Opening Scene - The Q&A Show TSS243.mp3 32:11 Segments
TSS242 2020-07-07 Taylor's Review of The Innocent's Opening Scene (Part 3) TSS242.mp3 37:40 Segments
TSS241 2020-06-30 Taylor's Review of The Innocent's Opening Scene (Part 2) TSS241.mp3 30:59 Segments
TSS240 2020-06-23 Taylor's Review of The Innocent's Opening Scene (Part 1) TSS240.mp3 36:12 Segments
TSS239 2020-06-16 Can Your Protagonist be Too Evil for Readers? TSS239.mp3 35:35 Segments
TSS238 2020-06-09 The Difference Between Ticking Boxes and Organic Storytelling TSS238.mp3 30:04 Segments
TSS237 2020-06-02 Every Scene Needs a Purpose - Part III TSS237.mp3 35:50 Segments
TSS236 2020-05-26 Every Scene Needs a Purpose - Part II TSS236.mp3 31:18 Segments
TSS235 2020-05-19 Using Inner Dialog to Guide Conversation TSS235.mp3 28:37 Segments
TSS234 2020-05-12 How a Strong Ending Can Salvage a Weak Scene TSS234.mp3 28:27 Segments
TSS233 2020-05-05 Sidekicks and Secondary Characters TSS233.mp3 34:49 Segments
TSS232 2020-04-28 Never State What Can Be Implied TSS232.mp3 32:01 Segments
TSS231 2020-04-21 The Pros and Cons of Using Profanity In Fiction TSS231.mp3 32:53 Segments
TSS230 2020-04-12 When Less Is More TSS230.mp3 30:11 Segments
TSS247 2020-04-11 Character Aimlessness, Inner Dialog and Character In Motion TSS247.mp3 37:46 Segments
TSS225 2020-04-10 How Going Deeper than the Obvious Makes Characters Feel Real and Alive TSS225.mp3 31:35 Segments
TSS229 2020-04-06 What does it mean when someone says they don't like the writing? TSS229.mp3 35:00 Segments
TSS228 2020-03-31 Taylor's Experience In Reading A Book From Cover To Cover TSS228.mp3 35:51 Segments
TSS227 2020-03-24 The Importance of Cause and Effect to Keeping Your Story on Track TSS227.mp3 21:19 Segments
TSS226 2020-03-17 Adding your Worldview to your Stories TSS226.mp3 42:54 Segments
TSS224 2020-03-03 How to Develop Character in a Plot-driven Story TSS224.mp3 39:24 Segments
TSS223 2020-02-25 Thought, Action, Speech, and... Gardening. TSS223.mp3 26:55 Segments
TSS222 2020-02-18 The Way Thoughts Present Themselves In Your Mind Can Affect Your Writing TSS222.mp3 36:37 Segments
TSS221 2020-02-11 We've Got Questions, Taylor Has Answers TSS221.mp3 35:46 Segments
TSS220 2020-02-04 How To Avoid Teleportation Issues In Your Writing TSS220.mp3 29:41 Segments
TSS219 2020-01-28 What's the difference between showing emotion and evoking emotion in your readers? TSS219.mp3 40:36 Segments
TSS218 2020-01-21 Should You Give Away a Free Book to Encourage Readers to Signup to Your Email List? TSS218.mp3 19:14 Segments
TSS217 2020-01-14 Do You Know Your Villain as Well as You Know Your Hero? TSS217.mp3 28:30 Segments
TSS216 2020-01-07 Keep the Flow Moving Smoothly In Your Story TSS216.mp3 24:40 Segments
TSS215 2019-12-24 The Liars' Legacy Episode TSS215.mp3 30:55 Segments
TSS214 2019-12-17 Don't Make it Easy with your Dialogue TSS214.mp3 30:11 Segments
TSS213 2019-12-10 Every Scene Needs a Purpose: Description TSS213.mp3 37:56 Segments
TSS212 2019-12-03 What Should You Do With That Manuscript You've Tucked Away In A Drawer? TSS212.mp3 25:17 Segments
TSS211 2019-11-26 Avoiding Character Aimlessness to Improve Pacing and Characterization TSS211.mp3 27:22 Segments
TSS210 2019-11-12 Creating Purpose with the Bookends to your Flashbacks TSS210.mp3 22:39 Segments
TSS209 2019-11-05 The Bouchercon Edition (Where Taylor & Steve finally meet) TSS209.mp3 29:37 Segments
TSS207 2019-10-15 How to choose which darlings to kill TSS207.mp3 25:12 Segments
TSS206 2019-10-08 Avoiding the two extremes when it comes to writing description TSS206.mp3 28:27 Segments
TSS205 2019-10-01 The Importance of Getting Your Action and Emotional Beats Right TSS205.mp3 23:55 Segments
TSS204 2019-09-24 How Careful Plotting Helps To Make Your Characters Smarter TSS204.mp3 21:24 Segments
TSS203 2019-09-17 Choose Your Weapons - Guns, Knives, Fists, or Smarts TSS203.mp3 26:20 Segments
TSS202 2019-09-10 Adding Emotional Depth To Your Villains TSS202.mp3 23:51 Segments
TSS201 2019-09-03 Taylor Gets A New Computer, A Cautionary Tale TSS201.mp3 21:22 Segments
TSS200 2019-08-27 What's The Expiration Date On That Book? TSS200.mp3 33:26 Segments
TSS199 2019-08-19 How Do Delivery Dates Work Within Publishing Contracts TSS199.mp3 21:10 Segments
TSS198 2019-08-13 The Importance of Libraries to Your Writing Career TSS198.mp3 28:28 Segments
TSS197 2019-08-06 What Are The Fundamentals of Writing? TSS197.mp3 26:46 Segments
TSS196 2019-07-29 More Q&A - Including questions on finishing and time-skipping. TSS196.mp3 26:46 Segments
TSS195 2019-07-23 Keeping Your Scenes Connected to Your Story TSS195.mp3 30:10 Segments
TSS193 2019-07-09 How Important Is Creativity to Your Success as an Author? TSS193.mp3 28:06 Segments
TSS192 2019-07-02 What to do when your material isn't working TSS192.mp3 31:01 Segments
TSS191 2019-06-25 Making the Most of your Dialogue – A Hack the Craft Episode (Part 5 of 5) TSS191.mp3 35:49 Segments
TSS190 2019-06-17 Making the Most of your Dialogue – A Hack the Craft Episode (Part 4 of 5) TSS190.mp3 38:58 Segments
TSS194 2019-06-16 Should You Consider Professional Organizations as an Author? TSS194.mp3 34:35 Segments
TSS189 2019-06-11 Making the Most of your Dialogue – A Hack the Craft Episode (Part 3 of 5) TSS189.mp3 48:19 Segments
TSS188 2019-06-04 Making the Most of your Dialogue – A Hack the Craft Episode (Part 2 of 5) TSS188.mp3 29:00 Segments
TSS187 2019-05-28 Making the Most of your Dialogue - A Hack the Craft Episode TSS187.mp3 27:27 Segments
TSS186 2019-05-21 Part Two of Critical Elements with Chapter Openings and Narrative Breaks TSS186.mp3 29:55 Segments
TSS185 2019-05-14 Critical Elements with Chapter Openings and Narrative Breaks TSS185a.mp3 27:45 Segments
TSS184 2019-05-06 Generating Emotion In Your Reader TSS184.mp3 28:54 Segments
TSS181 2019-05-03 Character Growth Over A Multi-book Series TSS181.mp3 13:36 Segments
TSS183 2019-04-16 Withholding and Revealing Information In Your Stories TSS183.mp3 24:55 Segments
TSS182 2019-04-09 What Does Failing Forward Look Like? TSS182.mp3 25:11 Segments
TSS180 2019-02-26 Narrating your own audiobook, with Jessie Garcia TSS180.mp3 35:46 Segments
TSS179 2019-02-19 The Value of a Wandering Mind for Authors TSS179.mp3 26:46 Segments
TSS178 2019-02-11 What Can Happen When You Allow Plot To Drive Your Characters TSS178.mp3 25:15 Segments
TSS177 2019-02-05 The Importance of Understanding The Audience For Your Book TSS177.mp3 28:19 Segments
TSS176 2019-01-29 What Happens When you Don't Hit Your Writing Goals? TSS176.mp3 23:36 Segments
TSS175 2019-01-22 How Your Life Impacts Your Writing TSS175.mp3 22:07 Segments
TSS174 2019-01-15 How To Keep Your Fight Scenes Interesting TSS174.mp3 28:43 Segments
TSS173 2019-01-07 Empathy As A Tool In The Writer's Toolbox TSS173.mp3 19:24 Segments
TSS172 2018-12-18 Video Game Story Telling TSS172.mp3 25:38 Segments
TSS171 2018-12-11 How Important Are Plot Points to Your Story Building? TSS171.mp3 30:36 Segments
TSS170 2018-12-04 Tying Up the Loose Ends In Your Story TSS170.mp3 27:02 Segments
TSS169 2018-11-20 A Short and Woefully Incomplete List of Things We're Grateful for This Thanksgiving TSS169.mp3 09:49 Segments
TSS168 2018-11-13 Figuring Out Where Your Writing Could Stand Some Improvement TSS168.mp3 22:44 Segments
TSS167 2018-11-06 Use Workarounds to Avoid Squirrel Chasing While You're Writing TSS167.mp3 19:48 Segments
TSS166 2018-10-30 Dealing with Deadline Pressure TSS166.mp3 25:44 Segments
TSS165 2018-10-16 Everything (Almost) You Need to Know About Liars Paradox TSS165.mp3 31:37 Segments
TSS164 2018-10-09 Techniques For Keeping Clichés Out of Your Writing - Part Two TSS164.mp3 29:46 Segments
TSS163 2018-10-02 Techniques For Keeping Clichés Out of Your Writing TSS163.mp3 25:21 Segments
TSS162 2018-09-25 Line Editing to Strengthen Clarity and Prose (Part Two) TSS162.mp3 41:30 Segments
TSS161 2018-09-18 Line Editing to Strengthen Clarity and Prose TSS161.mp3 31:14 Segments
TSS160 2018-09-10 Why Your Writing Goals Should Guide Your Beautiful Prose Versus Speed Decisions TSS160.mp3 25:24 Segments
TSS159 2018-09-04 Taylor Responds To User Questions This Week TSS159.mp3 30:11 Segments
TSS158 2018-08-28 How to Avoid Having 'Moving Prop' Characters In Your Stories TSS158.mp3 33:55 Segments
TSS157 2018-08-21 Using 'Blocks' to Write Complex Chapters TSS157.mp3 28:24 Segments
TSS156 2018-08-14 What is Sell Through and Why is it Important to Traditionally Published Authors? TSS156.mp3 29:47 Segments
TSS155 2018-08-07 Understanding the Distribution Process for Books TSS155.mp3 30:48 Segments
TSS154 2018-07-31 Quick Tips On Building Your Author Platform TSS154.mp3 40:49 Segments
TSS153 2018-07-24 ThrillerFest and Finding the RIGHT Editor for Your Book TSS153.mp3 32:05 Segments
TSS152 2018-07-10 Dealing with a Likable Antagonist TSS152.mp3 26:54 Segments
TSS151 2018-07-03 Shifting Narrative Distance in a Story TSS151.mp3 28:27 Segments
TSS150 2018-06-26 Should the Growth in Audiobook Sales Change Your Publishing Plans? TSS150.mp3 28:44 Segments
TSS149 2018-06-19 Research, Character Movement, and Dog Crap TSS149.mp3 32:57 Segments
TSS148 2018-06-12 Taylor Responds to Listener Questions TSS148.mp3 28:44 Segments
TSS147 2018-06-05 When Fear Goes Beyond Fear TSS147.mp3 28:09 Segments
TSS146 2018-05-22 Line Editing for Texture and Characterization TSS146.mp3 19:02 Segments
TSS145 2018-05-22 Line Editing for Texture and Characterization TSS145.mp3 28:45 Segments
TSS144 2018-05-15 Steps for Converting from First Person to Third Person TSS144.mp3 36:42 Segments
TSS143 2018-05-08 Changing Point of View from First Person to Third Person TSS143.mp3 21:15 Segments
TSS142 2018-05-01 Comparing First Person and Third Person Points of View TSS142.mp3 24:52 Segments
TSS141 2018-04-24 Taylor responds to questions from odd-ball listeners TSS141.mp3 27:26 Segments
TSS140 2018-04-16 Taylor Walks Us Through Her Process for Dealing with Copy Edits TSS140.mp3 27:59 Segments
TSS139 2018-04-03 Balancing new writing projects and an ongoing series TSS139.mp3 34:35 Segments
TSS138 2018-03-27 What does it mean when your editor asks you for a rewrite? TSS138.mp3 24:07 Segments
TSS137 2018-03-20 Setting the Scene – A Hack the Craft Episode TSS137.mp3 28:10 Segments
TSS136 2018-03-13 Sentence Order, Navel Gazing and More – A Hack the Craft Episode TSS136.mp3 26:51 Segments
TSS135 2018-03-06 Taylor Finishes a Project, Listener Questions and WAY Too Much Chit Chat TSS135.mp3 39:14 Segments
TSS134 2018-02-27 Understanding Foreign Rights For Your Books TSS134.mp3 34:18 Segments
TSS133 2018-02-20 Understanding Film and Television Rights for Your Books TSS133.mp3 29:51 Segments
TSS132 2018-02-13 The Importance of Understanding Your Intellectual Property Rights TSS132.mp3 26:49 Segments
TSS131 2018-02-06 Restructure Word Order for Maximum Impact – Part 3 TSS131.mp3 49:53 Segments
TSS130 2018-01-30 Restructure Word Order for Maximum Impact - Part 2 TSS130.mp3 34:49 Segments
TSS129 2018-01-23 How to Restructure Word Order for Maximum Impact TSS129.mp3 30:58 Segments
TSS128 2018-01-16 The Importance of Treating Your Writing Career as a Business TSS128.mp3 1:03:02 Segments
TSS127 2018-01-09 We’re all at different steps on the writing ladder TSS127.mp3 41:59 Segments
TSS126 2017-12-25 Editing to Keep Your Main Character Front and Center in Group Scenes TSS126.mp3 42:49 Segments
TSS125 2017-12-19 Should you Study Character Archetypes or Study People? TSS125.mp3 33:42 Segments
TSS124 2017-12-12 The Importance of Keeping Your Characters in Motion TSS124.mp3 45:24 Segments
TSS112 2017-12-09 Using Character Traits to Bond Readers to Characters TSS112.mp3 32:14 Segments
TSS123 2017-12-05 Line Editing to Shape a Compelling Narrative (Part 2 of a 3 part series) TSS123.mp3 41:36 Segments
TSS122 2017-11-28 Cutting Back on the Description to Bring Your Story to Life TSS122.mp3 38:59 Segments
TSS121 2017-11-14 Developing the Mentality of Success TSS121.mp3 34:01 Segments
TSS120 2017-11-07 Line Editing to Slow Down the Action – Part 2 TSS120.mp3 29:40 Segments
TSS119 2017-10-31 Line Editing to Slow Down the Action (Part 1 of 2) TSS119.mp3 38:13 Segments
TSS118 2017-10-24 Taylor answers a subscriber question on when and how to find an editor TSS118.mp3 39:27 Segments
TSS117 2017-10-17 How Effective Anchoring Can Help Your Dialogue to Shine TSS117.mp3 1:03:39 Segments
TSS116 2017-10-10 Bringing Your Characters to Life TSS116.mp3 42:44 Segments
TSS114 2017-09-26 Using Empathy to Avoid Boring Dialogue in Your Fiction TSS114.mp3 23:51 Segments
TSS113 2017-09-19 Using Natural Disasters in Your Fiction – The Hurricane Edition TSS113.mp3 23:44 Segments
TSS115 2017-09-05 The Importance of Doing the Hard Work when Writing TSS115.mp3 26:59 Segments
TSS111 2017-09-05 Showing Character Traits to Your Readers TSS111.mp3 35:02 Segments
TSS110 2017-08-29 How Can I Break My Ever Expanding Novel into a Series? TSS110.mp3 30:57 Segments
TSS109 2017-08-22 Why Should a Reader Buy YOUR Book, Instead of Something Else? TSS109.mp3 23:24 Segments
TSS108 2017-08-15 A look behind the curtain at Taylor’s recent publishing decisions TSS108.mp3 37:05 Segments
TSS107 2017-08-08 Hitting the Right Notes with the Ending of Your Book TSS107.mp3 32:58 Segments
TSS106 2017-08-01 How to Avoid the Muddle in your Middle of Your Book TSS106.mp3 33:56 Segments
TSS105 2017-07-25 Exciting News from Taylor and The First in A Series on Story Structure TSS105.mp3 29:21 Segments
TSS104 2017-07-18 Thrillerfest, Indie Bookstores, Travel Tales and Italics TSS104.mp3 28:55 Segments
TSS101 2017-06-27 Keeping Track of the Characters Throughout Your Book TSS101.mp3 26:22 Segments
TSS100 2017-06-20 A recap of the first 100 episodes of the Taylor Stevens Show TSS100.mp3 31:34 Segments
TSS099 2017-06-13 How to Plan for Your Next Book Event TSS099.mp3 42:43 Segments
TSS103 2017-06-11 Should You Use Beta Readers to Judge Your Work? TSS103.mp3 33:00 Segments
TSS098 2017-06-06 First or Third, A point of View Discussion TSS098.mp3 23:57 Segments
TSS102 2017-06-04 Purple Hair and Stupid Writing Rules TSS102.mp3 41:29 Segments
TSS097 2017-05-30 Considerations for Developing your Next Series TSS097.mp3 21:55 Segments
TSS096 2017-05-23 Taylor’s Favorite Books on the Craft of Writing TSS096.mp3 30:02 Segments
TSS095 2017-05-16 Should your Setting be Real or Imagined? TSS095.mp3 32:39 Segments
TSS094 2017-05-09 How to Use Foreshadowing Effectively in Your Work TSS094.mp3 26:26 Segments
TSS093 2017-05-02 How Developing Character Depth Can Improve Your Story TSS093.mp3 27:29 Segments
TSS092 2017-04-25 Writers Life: Juggling Multiple Projects TSS092.mp3 30:14 Segments
TSS091 2017-04-18 Consulting with Experts and Writing in Different Genres TSS091.mp3 30:26 Segments
TSS090 2017-04-11 How to Manage Non-Sequential Chronology in your Stories TSS090.mp3 23:46 Segments
TSS089 2017-04-04 Going from Concept to Story – A real time example TSS089.mp3 31:45 Segments
TSS088 2017-03-28 Calming the Chaos Part 2: Turning Chaos into Flow TSS088.mp3 46:52 Segments
TSS087 2017-03-21 Calming the Chaos: how to keep your reader anchored within confusing scenes. TSS087.mp3 40:56 Segments
TSS086 2017-03-14 Reworking Fiction: Line Editing Exercise, Part II TSS086.mp3 33:12 Segments
TSS085 2017-03-07 How to Rework Your Fiction: A Line Edit Exercise TSS085.mp3 32:40 Segments
TSS084 2017-02-28 Going through the Edit Notes and More on Anchoring Your Reader TSS084.mp3 43:58 Segments
TSS083 2017-02-21 Hack the Craft to Write Better Fiction TSS083.mp3 41:43 Segments
TSS082 2017-02-14 How to Manage the Flow of Action in your Fiction TSS082.mp3 24:44 Segments
TSS081 2017-02-07 Why do we Procrastinate as Authors? TSS081.mp3 23:06 Segments
TSS080 2017-01-31 The Best and Worst Advice You’ve Received about Writing TSS080a.mp3 28:20 Segments
TSS079 2017-01-24 Do You Have a Manifesto for your Writing? TSS079.mp3 25:22 Segments
TSS078 2017-01-17 Tips on Filtering the Flood of Writing Advice Available to Authors TSS078.mp3 26:05 Segments
TSS077 2017-01-10 Research and Being Willing to Expand Your Horizons TSS077.mp3 24:29 Segments
TSS076 2016-12-12 More on Plot Holes and Readers Giving Up on Authors TSS076.mp3 37:46 Segments
TSS075 2016-12-06 Finding and Fixing Plot Holes and Problems in Your Story TSS075.mp3 31:10 Segments
TSS074 2016-11-29 What makes a productive day for an author? TSS074.mp3 23:09 Segments
TSS073 2016-11-22 Constructing Characters: What makes them likable? TSS073.mp3 22:58 Segments
TSS072 2016-11-15 How Important is a Title to the Success of Your Book? TSS072.mp3 24:22 Segments
TSS071 2016-11-08 Heaping on the Hate: How Authors push or pull us toward story characters TSS071.mp3 28:47 Segments
TSS070 2016-11-01 Sometimes the Answer is Simple: Writing is Hard TSS070a.mp3 21:29 Segments
TSS069 2016-10-25 What to do when doing more isn’t the answer? TSS069.mp3 33:15 Segments
TSS068 2016-10-18 Q&A Time with Cookies, Plotting, Expensive Watches and More TSS068.mp3 28:58 Segments
TSS067 2016-10-11 Quick Ways to Heighten Dialogue with Description and Movement TSS067.mp3 38:39 Segments
TSS066 2016-10-04 Being Michelle: Dealing with Telling Versus Showing and Adding Immediacy to your Scenes TSS066.mp3 29:54 Segments
TSS065 2016-09-27 How to Tighten the Dialogue in your Novel TSS065.mp3 45:34 Segments
TSS064 2016-09-20 A Question on Political Correctness Turns into Discussion of Story Solutions TSS064.mp3 26:25 Segments
TSS063 2016-09-13 A Way With Words: Tips and Tricks for Improving Dialogue in Fiction TSS063.mp3 30:50 Segments
TSS062 2016-09-06 Internal Dialogue: Taming the Inner Voices TSS062.mp3 27:41 Segments
TSS061 2016-08-30 Going to the Movies for Lessons on Character Development TSS061.mp3 24:19 Segments
TSS060 2016-08-23 Killing Time: Getting from Here to There Without the Boring Stuff TSS060.mp3 23:35 Segments
TSS059 2016-08-16 Punching up the Pacing and Tension in a Weak Fight Scene TSS059.mp3 22:37 Segments
TSS058 2016-08-09 Getting Bad and Breaking Bones: How to Pull off a Good Fight in Fiction TSS058.mp3 28:30 Segments
TSS057 2016-08-02 How to get Backstory (Not Infodump) into your Book TSS057.mp3 28:47 Segments
TSS056 2016-07-26 Choosing the Right Setting for your Scenes and Story TSS056.mp3 24:14 Segments
TSS055 2016-07-19 How to Ramp up the Tension in Your Manuscript TSS055.mp3 22:53 Segments
TSS054 2016-07-05 What Should Your Novel’s Ending Include? TSS054.mp3 21:54 Segments
TSS053 2016-06-28 Breathing Emotional Life into Your Characters TSS053.mp3 23:44 Segments
TSS052 2016-06-21 Going Beyond the First Draft TSS052.mp3 24:49 Segments
TSS051 2016-06-14 Writing a Richly Nuanced Antagonist TSS051.mp3 20:58 Segments
TSS050 2016-06-07 Comparing Indie and Traditional: After the Editing is Finished TSS050.mp3 31:53 Segments
TSS049 2016-05-31 From Manuscript to Novel: Comparing Indie and Traditional TSS049.mp3 24:23 Segments
TSS048 2016-05-17 How and Why to Keep Your Butt in the Chair TSS048.mp3 16:12 Segments
TSS047 2016-05-10 How to Survive Your First Writers Conference TSS047.mp3 27:27 Segments
TSS046 2016-05-03 When is it Okay to Break the Rules of Writing? TSS046.mp3 17:26 Segments
TSS045 2016-04-26 Make the Most of Your Next Writer's Conference TSS045.mp3 16:10 Segments
TSS044 2016-04-19 Should I Write a Synopsis for my Novel? TSS044.mp3 16:48 Segments
TSS043 2016-04-12 Take Steps to Maximize the Value of Your Idea TSS043.mp3 15:35 Segments
TSS042 2016-04-05 Will Your Next Idea Meet Reader Expectations for your Genre? TSS042.mp3 17:27 Segments
TSS041 2016-03-29 Which Idea Should I Develop for my Next Book? TSS041.mp3 20:19 Segments
TSS040 2016-03-22 Character Arcs and Names and Numbers TSS040.mp3 21:25 Segments
TSS039 2016-03-15 Inspiration or Desperation: Getting the Writing Done TSS039.mp3 14:34 Segments
TSS038 2016-03-08 Tips and Tricks for Improving the Dialogue in Your Writing TSS038.mp3 17:46 Segments
TSS037 2016-03-01 Controlling the Chaos - The Importance of Time Management TSS037.mp3 17:51 Segments
TSS036 2016-02-23 How to Sell Your Work, Not Your Kidney (Understanding Agent Agreements) TSS036.mp3 19:43 Segments
TSS035 2016-02-16 Plots, subplots and themes in fiction TSS035.mp3 16:26 Segments
TSS034 2016-02-09 How to Stop Googling and Start Writing TSS034.mp3 21:12 Segments
TSS033 2016-02-02 The Value of Taking a Break from your Writing TSS033.mp3 16:36 Segments
TSS032 2015-12-22 How to Find the Perfect Literary Agent TSS032.mp3 20:45 Segments
TSS030 2015-12-08 What does it mean when your novel is optioned by Hollywood? TSS030.mp3 16:08 Segments
TSS031 2015-12-05 Tracking your Sales as a Traditionally Published Author TSS031.mp3 22:28 Segments
TSS029 2015-12-01 When your story doesn't work all is not lost TSS029.mp3 19:18 Segments
TSS028 2015-11-24 The Critical Nature of the Inciting Incident in Fiction TSS028.mp3 19:41 Segments
TSS027 2015-11-17 When is a Book Finished? TSS027.mp3 22:04 Segments
TSS026 2015-11-10 What are the challenges of writing in multiple genres? TSS026.mp3 18:47 Segments
TSS025 2015-11-03 Ms. Stevens (finally) Goes to College TSS025.mp3 14:43 Segments
TSS024 2015-10-27 What's the Recipe for Creating Unforgettable Characters? TSS024.mp3 22:24 Segments
TSS023 2015-10-20 The Power of Beliefs TSS023.mp3 17:16 Segments
TSS022 2015-10-13 An Author Gets Real on Other Authors’ Quotes TSS022.mp3 19:42 Segments
TSS021 2015-10-06 Sometimes Ignorance can be a Bonus TSS021.mp3 19:08 Segments
TSS020 2015-09-29 The Power of Focus TSS020.mp3 21:42 Segments
TSS019 2015-09-22 Juggles within the Juggles, or Managing Multiple Projects TSS019.mp3 22:25 Segments
TSS018 2015-09-15 Can music feed creativity? TSS018.mp3 16:51 Segments
TSS017 2015-09-08 Why Publishing Contracts Include Word Counts and Other Listener Questions TSS017.mp3 20:38 Segments
TSS016 2015-09-01 How Success Can Feel Like Failure TSS016.mp3 16:21 Segments
TSS015 2015-08-25 Hacking your Way to Writing Success TSS015.mp3 23:47 Segments
TSS014 2015-08-18 When can a Bad Review Actually be Good? TSS014.mp3 19:07 Segments
TSS013 2015-08-11 What the Heck is a Third Culture Kid? TSS013.mp3 17:42 Segments
TSS012 2015-08-04 Stories from the Road TSS012.mp3 22:26 Segments
TSS007 2015-07-30 The Voice of Munroe, Hillary Huber, Joins us on Launch Day for The Mask TSS007.mp3 29:51 Segments
TSS011 2015-07-28 Myths and Misunderstandings around Successful Books TSS011a.mp3 20:51 Segments
TSS010 2015-07-21 Stories from a Storyteller about Telling Stories in Public TSS010.mp3 16:45 Segments
TSS009 2015-07-14 Why are Kick Ass Thriller Characters Often Damaged? TSS009.mp3 22:40 Segments
TSS008 2015-07-07 Dealing with Perfectionism, and Other Reader Questions TSS008.mp3 26:04 Segments
TSS006 2015-06-23 The truth about book tours TSS006.mp3 26:21 Segments
TSS004 2015-06-09 Why does a location feel more authentic to one reader than another? TSS004.mp3 19:51 Segments
TSS005 2015-06-06 When writing fiction, how much of art is life? TSS005.mp3 17:35 Segments
TSS003 2015-06-02 Can a Beautiful Woman Realistically Pass for a Man? TSS003.mp3 17:48 Segments
TSS002 2015-05-26 Is it Really Unbelievable to Speak 22 Languages? TSS002.mp3 18:18 Segments
TSS001 2015-05-18 Welcome and Boots on the Ground Research TSS001.mp3 14:35 Segments